Team America Awake To Dictionary Dangers

The US media have been giving some old-fashioned looks lately to Celebrity Apprentice firer, real-estate billionaire and perennial wannabe presidential candidate Donald Trump. They’ve also been hauling out some old-fashioned words to describe him: conservative commentator George Will called on his grandmother’s memory to label him a ‘‘blatherskite’’ and historian Jill Lepore in the New [...]

Use Your Words

It’s notoriously difficult to figure out which top collegiate quarterbacks will succeed in the NFL. Pro teams give prospects an SAT-type test called the Wonderlic test, which doesn’t parliament cigarettes predict all that accurately.  A company called Achievement Metrics, on the other hand, studies the words college athletes use in media interviews. Some use words [...]

Achievement Metrics sells sound of success in NFL draft prospects

Dan Eaton, Reporter Email: [email protected] Web: The 2011 NFL player draft won’t end until Saturday, but a Hilliard company already has a more-than-educated guess about whether Bengals pick A.J. Green or the Browns’ Phil Taylor will boom or busts as pros. Achievement Metrics LLC breaks down tape, but it’s minding the P’s and Q’s [...]