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What We Do

Making selection decisions about new talent is a key to team success.
Avoid costly errors and minimize the risks with Achievement Metrics.
We provide teams, the leagues, insurance underwriters, financial institutions, and sponsors the tools necessary to make more fully informed decisions.

  • Will our new high-profile recruit have trouble following team rules?
  • What is the likelihood he will be arrested while under contract?
  • How likely is it that our brand will be tarnished by a player’s arrest?
  • Is this up and coming star at risk?
  • Will this player miss games because of off-field misbehavior?
  • How likely is it that we will suspend a player for violating team rules?

Achievement Metrics’ proprietary risk models and continually expanding athlete database offer an alternative to behavioral assessment that predicts risky behavior. Our analyses of players’ speech, arrest, and suspension data have shown that differences in players’ speech while in college can predict which players are more likely to exhibit off- and on-field behavioral problems during their professional careers.